The Hitop on the air!

Tonight I had the privilege and honor of being interviewed for an upcoming podcast on “A Modeler’s Life”, conducted by two great, funny guys, Jeremy and Lionel. This gang is known for their entertaining and informative podcasts for modelers. I have included a link in the “blogroll” below for their website, and they also have … Continue reading

Building the Hitop, Part 14

In this short installment, I’ll cover the several buildings at the end of the branch in Morris Fork. As discussed long ago, I reversed the two towns on my layout, as Hitop was at the actual end of the branch. Morris Fork is literally at the end of track on the layout. As such, there … Continue reading

Building the Hitop, Part 13….

This time I’ll discuss the buildings on the backside of the layout, especially in the Hitop area. We’ll start with the largest building and centerpiece of the layout, the Hitop mine. I used Walther’s New River mine for this one, without the adjoining waste hopper. The mine is I think a bit difficult to glue … Continue reading

Once again I recommend…

Once again I have to take a few moments and recommend what I consider to be the best of the best model railroad hobby shops in this part of the country: Spring Creek Model Trains located in the small town of Deshler, Nebraska. Deshler is located in south central Nebraska. See my link in the … Continue reading

Building the Hitop, Part 12….

Today I’ll cover more of the structures I used on the layout, finishing up with the front of the layout. Before I go on however, here is a photo of the custom built dumpster a former co-worker made for me, plus the scratch-built ice machines. Photos here: Next up is Blair Line’s Sam’s Roadhouse kit, … Continue reading

When real life steps in…

Well, there are times in our model railroad worlds when real life events step in to derail our model railroads or delay them. Life events happen, illness, accidents, the birth or death of a relative, marriage, etc., etc. Such has been the case here with this author. About a month ago, I sustained a broken … Continue reading