Building the Hitop, Part 8

So today we tackle the ridges and mountains on the layout. What I used for these was the same material MR used: Owens-Corning pink foam. Since I wanted all three tracks going into the mine, and wanted more room in Hitop, this meant moving the mountain that Hitop mine goes back into closer to the … Continue reading

Building the Hitop, Part 7

So now finally we start talking actual scenery. For those again that followed the MR series, please refer back to their list of materials for scenery installation. I used I believe the same or similar materials, with a few exceptions. These included: Mountains In Minutes foam rock, WS tunnel portals and abutments, MicroMark poly fiber, PollyScale paints, … Continue reading

Building the Hitop, Part 6….

Before we get started on part 6, I’d like to post some updated photos to accompany part 5. Several of the photos did not have all the details I posted about, so here are some updated photos to start. First, I’ll start with Allied Chemical: The above photos show the finished Allied Chemical, with the … Continue reading

Building the Hitop, Part 5…

Today we start talking adding the scenery to the layout, one of my favorite jobs. My other favorite is building structures. With all the track work, ballast, and wiring in place, with the track tested by running some trains, I was ready to start on this task. I have to say this was the most … Continue reading

Today we catch….

On our regular railfan trip to the Hitop branch and Secondary, we  were able to catch and chase ex-PRR Alco #9106 taking the Morris Fork turn up  to Morris Fork and back to Dickinson yard. We took plenty of photos, but for now, here is the train of loaded hoppers from the mine, plus an … Continue reading

Recent sightings on the Hitop…

Recently we went down to the Secondary to catch some action. We rolled into Dickinson yard just in time to catch the day pickup headed eastbound with empties for Lady Dunn coal preparation plant (as proclaimed in large signage on their building) at Cannelton. Also in the train were gons of scrap for Allied’s Electro-Met … Continue reading