A milestone is reached!

Thank you again to all of you who follow my site, for the site has just passed 100,000 hits! I again am surprised, impressed, and humbled all in one at the response in just two-and-one-half years of being in existence. I hope that in two years my site has provided inspiration, tips on modeling that … Continue reading

Next up on the workbench….

The next project up on the workbench is this Intermountain covered hopper, which is already taped off to be patched for a BN car, and will become BN 457520. I’ve already sanded off some of the Burlington logo, and will rework the rest of the weathering. Photo here: After this car is reworked, next up … Continue reading

The dirty and gritty…….

That about sums up railroads in the Midwest and Northeast in the seventies. Railroads were hurting. The economy was hurting. Factories were moving, closing, or being absorbed by mergers. Steel mills were in the same state. The oil embargo of the early decade made us extremely aware of how much America depended on the automobile. … Continue reading

One Foggy Morning….

One foggy morning in a modest house on a ridge overlooking one of many valleys in West Virginia, I awake to a cool, crisp morning. As the seasons change from one to another, especially from summer into fall, the fog rolls into the mountain valleys and stays until the suns rays reach up over the … Continue reading