One Foggy Morning….

One foggy morning in a modest house on a ridge overlooking one of many valleys in West Virginia, I awake to a cool, crisp morning. As the seasons change from one to another, especially from summer into fall, the fog rolls into the mountain valleys and stays until the suns rays reach up over the … Continue reading

After all this time…!

After all this time, I’m still adding to the site, and making improvements which I hope will make it easier for friends and followers around the world to enjoy my website! I have added in the lower left corner a translate widget for use. Speaking of around the world, I am amazed and humbled at … Continue reading

Please join us and register!

Just a short note to all those interested in my website, and who wish to post comments. Comments are allowed of course as you can see already on the site, however, you must register and supply your email to have any comments posted! As much as I love complimentary comments, if you don’t sign up … Continue reading

Building the Hitop Part 15…

In this last installment, I’ll cover quite a few of the small details that make a model railroad more realistic and prototypical. These small details add flavor and character to any layout. Included can be vehicles, people, signage, animals, power lines, etc., etc. All these I’ll cover here. First, I wanted a feel for Appalachian … Continue reading

The Hitop on the air!

Tonight I had the privilege and honor of being interviewed for an upcoming podcast on “A Modeler’s Life”, conducted by two great, funny guys, Jeremy and Lionel. This gang is known for their entertaining and informative podcasts for modelers. I have included a link in the “blogroll” below for their website, and they also have … Continue reading