This week on the Hitop….

This past week it was back to running trains on the Hitop. Below are shots of GP9 7466 switching in Dickinson yard making up its train, heading out for Nitro, then picking up some cars in Spring Street yard to bring back to Dickinson. Final photo shows 7466 headed for the barn after dropping off … Continue reading

Update today….

Today saw some further work done in the garage and on the layout expansion. First, I had storage boxes spread under both sides of the layout expansion, so today I consolidated all of that under the main portion of the layout. This of course has freed up under both sides, except for a wire storage … Continue reading

Updated expansion progress…

Sorry I haven’t posted an update in awhile, but when you get older sometimes you have to fight with illnesses and ailments. Such was the case with me the past three weeks. Some progress has been made in the expansion on both sides. First, I was able to fill in some more ground cover as … Continue reading

One car to a switch….

One reason I built the original layout from MR’s plan is because it had an oval loop to run trains around if I so wished, but it also had quite a few switching opportunities even for a small 4×8, especially with some of my own changes to the original plan. This new expansion also adds … Continue reading

Some scenes this week from the Hitop…

Just some photos I’ve taken the past several days of progress on the layout. I also did a thorough track cleaning yesterday and ran trains, switching out cars in their appropriate industry sidings. Today I received a gracious gift of a Walther’s ADM elevator complex kit built by good friend Rich Rineer with the Colorado … Continue reading