Progress this week….

Due to some warm weather this past week I was able to get a few things done on the expansion. One big item was finally getting two-thirds of Holsum Baking built on the layout. Photos below show this progress. On this kit, I had to drill holes in the bases and tack/nail everything down as … Continue reading

This week on the Hitop….

This week was a short visit to Dickinson yard just before sunset. We were able to catch several geeps switching the yard, with one making up the valley turn to service some of the chemical plants. Photos below of what we caught:

An overhead view….

I was asked recently to take and post a few photos from an angle I hadn’t used previously, this being from the back of the original 4×8 layout. So last week, out came my phone to take these photos of both sides of the expansion. First I’ll start with photos of the left hand side … Continue reading

Expansion update 11/25….

Today I have another short update on the layout expansion. Another building went in several days ago, this one from Walther’s. The building was actually in a kit in which a part will be used for Allied Chemical. The kit is their truck served fuel distributor. Part of the kit includes four fairly narrow tall … Continue reading

Another short update….

Again, with another warm day, more work was done on several areas of the layout. Several details were added to the layout, including this lady hanging her laundry at her and her family’s company house just outside Dickinson, West Virginia: Next, some slow and resume speed signs were installed on either side of a broken … Continue reading