From the archives…

  We’ve pulled out of the archives some photos from 1964 of New York Central action around Dickinson yard, and up on the branch near Morris Fork. Luckily we found a photo of Baldwin sharks in the then “new” cigar band scheme pulling out of Dickinson yard.

New addition to the fleet…

  As the above photos show, there is a new addition to the Hitop fleet, an Accurail 40′ DT&I boxcar. This car has been outfitted with new semi-scale metal wheels, Kadee couplers, and has been finished/weathered with oils and pan pastels. All that is missing are the ACI plates.

Recent orders….

Some recent orders/reservations for the Hitop. These include Athearn’s recently announced PC boom truck, due out I believe early next year. Also on order are three or four Bowser 12 panel PRR “yellowdot” hoppers. Finally, an Atlas Virginian trainmaster is on order for this fall.

This week on the Hitop….

This week on the Hitop we start out at Dickinson yard on an already sunny, hazy mid-morning. We are lucky to find GP-7 5628 and “beep” 3839 ready to depart up the valley with coal from Union Carbide’s mines on the branch proper to their plants west up the Kanawha valley. The haze and smog … Continue reading

Great news!

Great news recently for the West Virginia Secondary, idled by Norfolk Southern. This is part of Watco’s press release: PITTSBURG, KS, May 20, 2016 – The Kanawha River Railroad (KNWA), a subsidiary of Watco Transportation Services, LLC (WTS) has reached a definitive agreement with Norfolk Southern Corporation (NS) to lease and increase operations on 309 … Continue reading