Expansion work today….

More expansion news today. With the high heat and terrible air quality here in our area by noon, almost all of my work has been in the early mornings before noon, before the heat and smog/smoke sets in. Recently, I worked Sculptamold under and around the two sidings that will lead into the baking company, … Continue reading

Expansion update….

Well, as of yesterday, the layout is completely wired up. Test trains were ran yesterday afternoon to make sure all is well. Did have a few stalls, but as we cleaned the track thoroughly, I’m pretty sure my locomotive wheels are the culprit, and need cleaning. I always clean the wheels on my locomotives regularly … Continue reading

A Milestone Today…..

Today brought great progress on the layout expansion! Starting at 10:30 this morning and finishing about 4 something, the following was finished: modules clamped to the main layout where they’ll stay, the other end modules bolted together, a few minor track issues ironed out, and finally all track soldered. We also I almost forgot put … Continue reading

Today on the Hitop….

Today while waiting for some other supplies to come in, I decided to work on the strip along the far left edge of the original layout. This is the strip as you may recall that had a gravel base for the Allied Chemical siding. Earlier, I had cleaned off the gravel and reapplied fine green … Continue reading

Working with modules…

I’m learning as I go that there is quite a bit of difference between working with and building a solid, one piece 4×8 or 5×10 layout as opposed to building individual modules. For one of course, there are separate frames to deal with. Really then, with separate modules, also means separate pieces of foam, homasote … Continue reading

Expansion update….

Just a short update today. This morning finds more progress on the left hand modules as I was able to finish putting the roadbed down on both modules. Also as shown below I was able to put down some plaster cloth as well for a scenery base, plus in the one photograph test some of … Continue reading