Working on the railroad….

I haven’t recently ran on the layout, nor have I been working on it for about two weeks now. The major reason for this was major surgery a little over two weeks now, so my body has been out of commission. However my brain has not. While recuperating and healing, I’ve been working on a … Continue reading

The evolution of the expansion….

I had to post this collage that Google photos put together from this date exactly a year ago, as it shows the start of track planning and actual track laying on the then month old expansion. Sometimes hard to believe the difference between now and then….! Photos at the bottom of course are how the … Continue reading

This week on the Hitop….

This week I was called again for the Spring Street turn from Dickinson to Spring Street yard in Charleston. With thermos of coffee in hand, I signed in at the yard office where our engineer Fred had already pulled our motive power up to as shown below. I grabbed our clearance card, waybills, and train … Continue reading

The trees are growing….

I’ve been slowly adding trees to certain parts of the layout recently. These are made using the “Super Trees” product from Scenic Express. The branches are sprayed with  3M super adhesive, then coated with fine green turf from Woodland Scenics. They are then sprayed with cheap hair spray and sprinkled with “Super Leaves” from Scenic … Continue reading

Traffic is booming….

Indeed, traffic is booming on the Penn Central in West Virginia. Not only chemicals and coal, but general merchandise freight is booming. Switch jobs are working three shifts to the chemical plants up and down the valley. Sidings are full of cars either being loaded or unloaded. Two runs are being run to one of … Continue reading

New theme again…

As you can see, I have reverted back to the previous website theme. Although I like the original theme, I also felt it was too busy and perhaps too hard to read. So, back to this theme. I hope all of you give a thumbs up on this one….!