Railfan day on the Hitop…

Today, a friend and I were out to catch some action on the Hitop branch. We were informed the Morris Fork turn was out on the branch proper, so we headed up the back roads to catch him. As the train slowly twists, turns, and climbs, we were able to easily get ahead of the … Continue reading

New page….!

Today I have added a new page to the site, called “Model Gallery” to showcase the weathered equipment used on the Hitop. I will add further photos as models are acquired and weathered. One note: I will be adding captions slowly to the photos, as most of the models I have weathered, but not all. … Continue reading

The 5628….

Today we look at a regular on the Hitop branch, PC GP-7 #5628. Built for NYC by EMD in 1952 as original class drs-4e, and re-classified ers-15 and numbered 5628. These GP-7’s had a 16-567b engine in them, with 1500 horsepower. The 5628 obviously became PC 5628 at merger time, and at the time of … Continue reading

More recent action on the Hitop….

  Recently, we arrived in Dickinson yard just in time to catch the Morris Fork turn departing for the branch proper with geep 6075 in charge, with an ex-Pennsylvania N8 pool caboose bringing up the rear. We later caught up to the turn coming back downgrade from Morris Fork….