Building the Hitop Part 4….

Today’s article covers the addition of the handy panel to complete the last piece of base and track work at the end of the branch over the two tunnels, plus wiring the layout. Also we’ll talk a bit about painting the track. To start off, the handy panel is simply a small piece of plywood … Continue reading

Building the Hitop Part 3

Today we talk about laying the switches and track on the Hitop. Again, I had quite a delay while waiting for the supply of cork worldwide to loosen up. As I recall, the wait was in the range of a month or so. In the meantime, I was building some of the kits I had already purchased. … Continue reading

Building the Hitop Part 2

For those that have or can obtain the January through June 2012 issues of Model Railroader, this will be easy to visualize. For those that don’t, please bear with me here. The next step after cutting out the plywood base, was to actually mount it onto the frame. We kept the rounded “bulge” where the … Continue reading

Building the Hitop Part 1

Today starts a series on how the Hitop was built. I hope the purpose of this series of posts will inspire some modelers, and provide tips for those building their own dream layouts. Let’s get started! On a pretty mild day weather wise in the Denver area, two of us started building the Hitop. After … Continue reading

The Tough Job of Railroading…

Today comes a story based on some personal experience, some based on friends recollections, or what I’ve read from other railroaders. To railfans, railroading is a fascination. Every fan I think dreams of being in that engineer’s seat at the head of a train. I know I did when young. I know I did when … Continue reading