One car to a switch….

One reason I built the original layout from MR’s plan is because it had an oval loop to run trains around if I so wished, but it also had quite a few switching opportunities even for a small 4×8, especially with some of my own changes to the original plan. This new expansion also adds … Continue reading

Some scenes this week from the Hitop…

Just some photos I’ve taken the past several days of progress on the layout. I also did a thorough track cleaning yesterday and ran trains, switching out cars in their appropriate industry sidings. Today I received a gracious gift of a Walther’s ADM elevator complex kit built by good friend Rich Rineer with the Colorado … Continue reading

Industries that interconnect….

In planning my original 4×8 layout based on Model Railroaders plan, I of course researched the area I wanted to model. I knew it would be the Appalachians, particularly West Virginia. Having traveled the state made the choice easier, for I had a good idea of not only the scenery, but the industries as well. … Continue reading

More work, and details, details….

Quite a bit accomplished today on the layout. First, I was able to get the last two switch stands down, then ballast around them. Afterward, came finishing the ballast glueing on the left side. Next, I was able to place the remaining track bumpers on this side as well, along with two “concrete ” curbs … Continue reading

Layout update….

Work continues today on the expansion. All the yard mix ballast is now down, with the exception of just around the last two switch stand pads. The last two stands still need to be installed, and should be here by Wednesday hopefully. All the yard mix ballast is glued down on the right hand side, … Continue reading