The PC hopper….


This PC hopper is a Bowser product, and has been on the roster awhile. The car obviously started out solid black. As with all my cars, new wheels and Kadee couplers were added, plus a BLMA ACI label.

For this car I used a different medium, namely Pan Pastels. I actually like this medium, as the fine ground powder is almost a makeup type consistency, and is easy to work with. The exterior of the car was lightened using their light grey color, then blended in. The interior of the bay was weathered using a bit different method. I first painted the inside with an older bottle of PollyScale rust paint that I keep around. As I’ve had this bottle for awhile, most of the pigment has settled to the bottom of the jar. Not to worry though, as I wanted a very thin rust tinted coat. While the paint is still wet, I liberally dab Bragdon dark rust powder onto the paint. When dry, I simply brush the excess powder out.

This technique not only leaves an uneven finish inside the bay, but it adds the texture of actual rust to the car as well. I think the result came out well..

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