N&W #537…..

N&W 537

Little did I know on the modeling side when I placed a reservation for the new Walther’s Proto GP-30 number 537, that this engine would have even more significance to me. Norfolk and Western GP-30 number 537 was built at EMD LaGrange in July, 1962, builder number 27370. After finishing it’s career on the N&W, this locomotive was picked up either directly, or through a dealer by the Indiana & Ohio Railroad, now a regional owned by Genesee and Wyoming. No longer on the I&O roster, it’s last home that I know of was Leesburg, Ohio. Walther’s actually did a run a few years back of GP-30’s, with one being number 82 in I&O colors. What is significant is this being owned by the I&O, a railroad I once worked for. Ironic I have a model of a locomotive when owned by N&W that eventually wound up on a railroad I was employed by, and one I picked up the day it was interchanged to us! Btw, the above photo shows an N&W freight arriving in Dickinson yard after coming over the old Virginian, connecting at DB Tower down in Alloy. This run started in Elmore yard…

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