Ride along on the day pickup/Part 2

Blowing for the road crossing just east of Allied Chemical, we pull ahead to clear, then stop to cut off our two empty tanks. Butch jumps down to handle the duties, then walks ahead to throw the switch into Allied as we pull ahead once again. We’ll be pulling several loaded tanks out of the “ready track” as well today. We proceed to pull these loads out, shoving them against our cabin, then we spot the two empties. We’ll weigh the loaded tanks when we arrive back at Dickinson yard. BTW, Dickinson yard is actually in the town of Quincy, with the yard hugging the Kanawha River.

After our switching is complete, and our train back together, we head down the main for our next customer, Kanawha County Feed and Seed. Blowing for the county road just east of the siding, we clear and come to a stop just shy of the siding switch. Not much color do we normally see down here on either freight cars or locomotives, but today the feed and seed is receiving a car load of tools and farm implements in a burnt orange Frisco “billboard” car, with it’s slogan “Ship it on the Frisco” emblazoned in big letters on the side of the forty footer. We’re going to pull an empty PC forty foot box out of the siding first however. We’re still in some valley fog, as the humidity starts to rise a bit on this warm summer day, especially as we’re close to Blue Creek.

With our switching completed here, we blow around the curve hugging the ever present gray and black rock walls on one side of our train, with Blue Creek on the other side. A solid curtain of green covers the hills around us. As the valley widens, we come upon the switch which will take us onto the Hitop Branch proper.

More to come….

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