The Armitage Furniture Company..


The Armitage Furniture Company was founded and started in 1914 by two brothers from the small town of Armitage, Ohio. The brothers relocated to the Kanawha valley to start their enterprise due to the rail and river network, plus the abundance of timber in the area. At the time, timber harvesting was a huge business in the valley.

The brothers believed in quality furniture at a fair price, and partially due to this, won a contract with the United States Army to build desks, cabinets, and chairs for local bases in the run-up to entry into WWI. The company after the war expanded their commercial line a bit to include bookcases, living room tables, and such.

The Depression hit the company hard, as it did the entire region. Business fell off considerably, and due to this, the company switched to making wooden toys and tool handles to stay in business. This all changed with the run-up again to US entry into WWII. The Army once again came calling on the company to manufacture all sorts of wood furniture for the military. During the war, the factory ran around the clock building quality furniture.

After the war, the company as well as the country settled into a peacetime economy. The company was kept just as busy as new construction boomed with returning veterans building new homes and businesses. The company’s line expanded again with the addition of dining room tables, bathroom vanities, display cabinets, etc. A huge contract was gained from Sears Roebuck and Co to supply a complete line of furniture. This contract is still in effect today, with all the finished product leaving Dickinson headed for a huge Sears distribution center built right next to Buckeye yard in Hilliard, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. The only change in the company is their wood source, which now comes from the area around Laurel, Mississippi…..

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