Off the workbench….


Just off the workbench today comes Athearn Genesis NYC unit #6075. I’ve had this unit for awhile now, and had tried to weather it using the then “new” pan pastels with mixed results.

Today I used another weathering medium on this unit, Doc O’Brien’s weathering powders. I first painted some clear acrylic over the areas of rust, then dabbed their rust powder over this. Next, I blended in evenly over the entire unit their grimy black powder to blend in the previous old pastels, which previously left the unit not to my liking. The grimy black for one I think highlighted a lot of detail, including all the carbody vents, plus darkened the lettering. You can see several of the spots where I applied rust to this model, the frame sill for one, in the striped area on the short hood, and a touch on the top of the fuel tank. Not visible is the rust I applied around the top of the exhaust stacks. I’m happier overall with these results….

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