Switchlist for the Hitop…


Above is a photo of the switchlist used on the Hitop. The form comes from MRH online magazine, I believe by Mike Rose (see recent posts for the thread). Starting out on the left column, you can see my industries.

A column is left for each type of car each industry receives. As you can see, the Kanawha Feed and Seed receives boxcars and covered hoppers of fertilizer. Next to each industry is a column with the number of cars you’ll spot at each industry track each ops session. A column with the car type is next. Next comes a column for the frequency (days or op sessions) each industry is switched. For example, since coal and chemicals are king on the branch, these get switched out six days.

The next column is whether each indistry track is already occupied. Next is a column denoting how many cars on that track will be picked up this trip, followed by a column denoting which cars and type will be delivered or spotted. Finally, there is a column for notes.

As you can see, this is the day turn, which is run switching industries up and down the valley, so it does not include the coal mines, or industry on the branch proper. Even though the freight house, chemical plant, and furniture company are normally switched by the “night crawler”, when traffic warrants, it is switched out by the day turn, as in this case.

The first spot to switch will be Armitage furniture, where the crew will spot one boxcar, and pull one loaded car (finished furniture). Next, the crew will pick up an empty at the freight house, and spot one load. Moving out of Dickinson and up the valley, our next stop is the Kanawha Cty Feed and Seed, where we’ll spot one covered hopper after picking up an empty boxcar. Continuing up the valley, we’ll spot two empty tank cars at Allied, and pick up two loaded tanks. Finally, we’ll make a trip down to the N&W interchange at Alloy (DB Tower area), and drop off two cars for interchange.

This being the first time I have used this form, I would do this a bit different next session (today). In the column listing the industry and/or the  column listing car type, I would denote the reporting marks of the cars being spotted. In the “deliver” column, I would denote the reporting marks of the cars being picked up. The “notes” column would be used to denote things such as “car partially unloaded”, “car bad ordered”, or perhaps route to a certain point or track back in Dickinson yard. I’ll play with this a bit and report back…..:)

Hopefully this explains a bit about the switclist, along with the car cards I use on the Hitop…

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