Switching Kanawha Cty Feed & Seed…

As the two photos show above, Geep 9 #7466 and “Beep” 3839 switch out Kanawha county feed and seed, located up the valley from Dickinson yard. They’re shown shoving a Southern 40ft boxcar down the siding.

Kanawha county feed and seed has been around quite some time, in fact since the end of the Great Depression in the late thirties. Started by a local entrepreneur who also ran a nearby lumber business, the idea was to supply the local area with its seed, feed, and hardware needs, especially to local farmers.

The business here, as in the building itself in the late sixties has changed little since then, and still does a brisk business for those in the area. The railroad switches out the business currently three times per week, more in the planting season, and during the holiday season. It mainly receives boxcars, but now also receives hoppers of fertilizer, thanks to the recent addition of the silo and associated connections.


  1. Ah, a GP9B. Betting the local crew enjoyed working with that on the lead in at least one direction. Ah wait a minute, that’s back in the days of cabooses. No big deal.

    That’s classic railroading as it was. Working the small businesses and keeping the traffic on the rails. Even as the PC withered.

    Neat shots.


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