As promised….and a bit of modeler’s license

Yes, a bit of modeler’s license here in this first video posted on the website. The Sharks were gone before my period modeled here on the PC, but these models I just couldn’t resist when they came out from BLI. Here we see Sharks lead a long freight westbound up the valley on the secondary, headed out of Dickinson yard towards eventually Columbus, Ohio and Buckeye yard. I suppose I should have used my NYC transfer caboose on the tail end, and left out the PC hoppers, but again, a bit of license here…..:)

The Sharks here were purchased to switch eras on the Hitop, to run with other NYC locos (of which I have two others at the moment), and to interchange with either my N&W power at DB Tower, or the new Atlas Virginian Trainmaster coming out I have on order from the good people at Spring Creek Model Trains. I also hope to pick up an N&W hi-hood Atlas C-424. I already have a Virginian caboose and N&W cupola caboose. BTW, NYC Sharks were some of the first engines I recall seeing as a young railfan at the age of six! Hope you enjoy the video….


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