Plans for 2017

There are some plans in the works for this coming year. One, is expansion at some point in the new year. I’m thinking of expanding the layout off the left front corner. To do this, I’m looking at the KamKonnect modular system, and using either a 12-18″ wide by 48″ long section. Of course all this is dependent on availability of supplies and finances determined by the CFO (aka wife).

In this section I plan to have one to two tracks for chemical loading/unloading, plus one track for boxcar loading as an expanded Allied Chemical. Plans also include a spur to represent a scrap dealer, and somewhere on the extension would be Walther’s Grocery Distributor. All this would represent the area westward towards Charleston. Perhaps if there is room I would include Walther’s Heritage warehouse background building as well.

Other minor changes include a line of trees on the branch as it curves around the large hill above the retaining walls. Currently there is a large bare area of rock just to the east of the retaining walls. Ground cover would be added here to cover the bare area, with Grand Central trees added along this curved section. This would not only cover this bare area, but give the appearance of the line going through the trees as on the prototype.

Finally, for this coming year, I’d like to replace the Details West switch stand targets with ones by Rix, as they are closer to NYC prototype.

Plans for the following year would include expanding the layout off the right front corner, with one more coal loader on this stretch, with the rest of the line ending in N&W’s Elmore yard. This would also be a 12-18″ x 48″ long extension.

Track that would be used is ME code 83, with Midwest cork roadbed. Switches I’m looking at would be Peco. Big plans for this coming year, so stay tuned! Hopefully these will come to fruition…

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