Building the Hitop, Part 6….

Before we get started on part 6, I’d like to post some updated photos to accompany part 5. Several of the photos did not have all the details I posted about, so here are some updated photos to start. First, I’ll start with Allied Chemical:

The above photos show the finished Allied Chemical, with the workers, the Bachmann office building, and chain link/barb wire fence made by a former co-worker. The chemical workers are actually Preiser “maintenance workers”. Of course, I picked these for their poses and safety vests and attire.

Next is my original DB Tower, and “new” replacement. The new replacement was picked up in an estate sale, so it’s unknown to me who the manufacturer is. It appears to have more of a western narrow gauge feel to it, but it will do as DB Tower, which again, wasn’t an actual tower, but a block station at the junction of the NYC and ex-Virginian as the latter came off the bridge here over the Kanawha River.

In the bottom photo above, we see the new location of “DB Tower”, now a yard office at the entrance to the Hitop mine.

Again, before we start the discussion on actual scenery building, I mentioned I would explain the reason for expanding the Hitop area, in particular adding a gas station/garage. I had already picked up a tow truck from Woodland Scenics with the name “Wayne’s Towing Service” on the side to remember a family member on my wife’s side who we lost some years ago to a sudden, tragic death. So here sat a tow truck without a suitable station/garage. I then saw the ready-built gas station from WS, weathered and all, and full of details, so I purchased this one to go into Hitop. Here below is the station, tow truck, and owner Wayne out front:

In deciding to purchase the garage, this meant moving and re-arranging some of the buildings in Hitop. To fit the garage in, I had to turn the Blair Line general Store sideways. I also moved it to the right a bit, removing one of the company houses in the process. I then was left with an extra company house.

I also wanted a church in Hitop, as most towns I have traveled to in West Virginia have a church near, or right next to the tracks. Remember, I might add, that the real Hitop area is an unincorporated area, not a town proper, so I had to use some modelers license here. I next purchased a small church that would hopefully fit in Hitop. I did have room in Hitop between the grade of the branch going up around the mine, and the mine itself. So, I placed the extra company house in this area, also turning it sideways to fit. This left a spot next to it for the church, which is either a Blair Line kit, or from AMB. Sorry, but can’t recall on this one. The church is now “Crossroads Baptist Church”. So after running a road down between the church, company house, and mine, I was happy with the looks of Hitop. Here is the way the current layout looks:

So, this will be it for today, as I’ve run out of time. Continue to stay tuned for what I promise next post will be the start of actual scenery construction!




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  1. Wonderful post. Remembering the amazing creation of your masterpiece, step by step, is such a pleasure. Also, thank you for your remembrance of Wayne.


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