The Hitop on the air!

Tonight I had the privilege and honor of being interviewed for an upcoming podcast on “A Modeler’s Life”, conducted by two great, funny guys, Jeremy and Lionel. This gang is known for their entertaining and informative podcasts for modelers. I have included a link in the “blogroll” below for their website, and they also have a FaceBook page. Be sure to check both out, as you won’t be disappointed! I highly recommend their website and page as well. Lionel by the way designed two project layouts for Model Railroader magazine, one of which, the Appalachian Central, I looked at and considered building before their Virginian project came out in print. Lionel also wrote a column for MR for seven years, then continued as a contributing editor for a further six years. Lionel is also an accomplished modeler with his layout, The Allegheny & Lackawanna Southern.

Jeremy is an accomplished modeler as well, with his Yosemite Valley Railroad, with his wordpress blog at: Be sure to check out Jeremy’s blog!

Finally, be sure to check out A Modelers Life for information on the Hitop’s upcoming podcast. Thank you guys for inviting me and having me on, it was a blast!

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