On the Hitop…..

This week while the weather was still beautiful here in Colorado, I was able to get out on the layout and run. The following photos were taken during the session. The first photo here is from the mountain above the mine, looking down on the town of Hitop.

The following two shows one of my old standby locomotives, GP9 7466 doing the honors on the layout, here working Dickinson yard putting a train together. Number7466 is an Athearn Genesis locomotive with Tsunami sound, weathered by me several months ago.


Also happening the past year on the Hitop has been the thinning of the locomotive roster to almost exclusively four axle power, mainly geeps. All large power is now gone, as is one switch engine.

I am now down to four geeps and one road switcher unit, along with for now one foreign unit, an N&W GP30. I still look to add one more N&W unit.

Another change has been to keep and run my better looking freight cars, which of course are the more expensive on the market, but well worth the money, especially when weathered.  I plan to continue to change out older, less detailed cars and early weathered attempts with these better looking cars. Of course all this is upon approval of my CFO! These cars I’m also taking to club shows to run, already gathering compliments, videos, and questions.

Until the next update…..

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