A trip to Morris Fork and back

This week we were able to get out and about for some railfan action. We started early as usual grabbing some breakfast at Sam and Mickey’s across from Dickinson yard. We then headed over to see PC GP9 7466 making up its train of empty hoppers for the Morris Fork mine and truck dump. We followed the train all the way to the end of the branch at Morris Fork, then followed the train back to Dickinson yard bringing loads in. Below are the photos we took.

In the photos above, 7466 is about to depart Dickinson yard for Morris Fork.

Next, we caught 7466 poking its nose out of one of the tunnels on the Branch, then snaking around one of the twelve degree curves below Morris Fork.

At the end of the branch at Morris Fork, 7466 runs around his train, then seen pulling loads from the truck dumps.

As 1 empty wouldn’t fit in the siding for the mine, it was left on the passing track for the next turn to work. We then followed the train as it heads back downgrade towards Dickinson yard.

Finally, we last caught 7466 weighing the loads back at Dickinson, then spotting the loads in the yard before tying up. Another good day of railfan action on the Hitop….

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