Expansion started!

Here is a brief update on my layout expansion. I have made quite a bit of progress in two weeks, as you’ll see in the several photos below. I have five modules now built and up on legs using hex bolts as adjustable feet. With the exception of two four foot modules, none of the modules are bolted together as yet. The two four foot long yard modules are however bolted to form one long 8 foot yard.

The legs and supporting cross members for the actual frames were done with birch wood. Plywood strips were used for cross members on the legs. All the legs have braces attached to the frames, one brace on each side. All the fascia is now installed as well, and as of yesterday, has three coats of forest green paint on them. I left one piece of fascia off the back of the 8 ft yard, but will probably install that next and paint.

The left side modules are all lined up with the existing layout as of now. The total length of the modules down the left side will be a total of 9 feet long by 2 feet wide. Total length down the right hand side will be 10 feet including the yard. That about fills my garage, with 2 feet along the back of the original layout to move behind.

The two yard modules I envision will have an industrial siding with three industries, with the next track moving towards the front of the layout being an overflow/yard track for these industries. The next track will be the main, with the following two tracks being yard tracks. Two short stub tracks at the front will be a caboose track and rip track respectively. The last lead will have a trailing point switch headed straight for the short 2ft x 2ft extension module in front for two industries, one being a team track, and the other being a representation of Electro-Met at Alloy. The industries envisioned for the back of the yard modules are in this order: a warehouse or manufacturing industry, a fertilizer plant, and a large grain elevator.

The first left hand module I envision a crossing off the main with a grocery distributor on one front edge, with another warehouse on the other front edge. The longer second module I envision a slightly larger version of Allied Chemical and a scrapyard. I may reverse the scrapyard however between the first and second module.

On these modules I plan to lay down plaster cloth as a scenery base first. As mentioned before, I plan to use Super Trees by Scenic Express on these, as well as static grass. All turnouts will be hand thrown with Caboose Industries switch throws. NYC limestone ballast and yard mix will again be used for the main and sidings.

I already have in my possession an NCE booster, another four bus panels, and an extra Cab 6 throttle for use. I envision the need eventually of eight more bill boxes for waybill use for all the industries. Flex track, rail joiners, and roadbed material plus switches I needed all arrived yesterday, so today I start laying out the track plan. The yard except for cutting in the one switch previously mentioned is completed.

More updates to follow. Stay tuned!

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