Expansion update….

Well, today with some excellent help from friend and club member Tom Carnahan we were able to cut the last bit of fascia to put on the backside of the right hand modules, that will be walked behind to reach the back of the layout. After cutting, the fascia was glued on and clamped. This job I’ll let dry for twenty-four hours.

I have in my possession plaster cloth, Sculptamold, and roadbed material. Next step is to paint the remainder of the just applied fascia, let that dry after several coats, then clamp/bolt the modules together and to the original 4×8 and level these. I’ll then fill in any gaps with the Sculptamold and let that set up.

Next up will be to draw the track center lines out on the modules and start laying track! Of course afterwards will come the wiring, then ballast, then I’ll apply the plaster cloth as a scenery base, then paint this. Scenery will come next, along with the buildings, a few at a time. It’s amazing the building kits will run more than the cost of everything else put together!

Below are photos of progress as of today:


I’ve cut in another switch and two sidings as shown. The right hand switch in the foreground will carry over to the short front module on the right hand side of the layout to service a scrapyard called “Sullivan’s Scrap” to honor a good friend and former co-worker, and to service a representation of Union Carbide’s Electro-Met division which was at Alloy, West Virginia, right on the banks of the Kanawha River.


This as you can see will be the first left hand module, lined up basically with the original layout. The track extending from the left front corner is the main and will continue along the back side of this module. The right hand switch coming off will service one industry, with room left at the side edge to continue the gravel road into this module. The track in the foreground will extend from the end module into this one to service another industry in this bottom front corner of the photo. The back side behind the main will be sceniked with some static grass and a row of super trees.


A portion of the end left hand module with the main doing an S curve to accommodate some of the tracks for a now even larger Allied Chemical. The track again curving off onto the front module will serve an industry on this side (shipping department for the chemical plant).


This is almost all of the end module. This will leave a pretty complex switching dilemma here in this area. The track in the background vearing off at an angle will service some tank car racks, as will the track in the foreground where the tank car sits. The middle track is the main which will deadend at the edge of the module. The front portion of the module from left end to the curve where the right switch is will be several tanks, the refracking tower, some pump houses, and a security office into the complex. Where the small building sits will sit another tank and berm, plus some smaller tanks and a pump house. This will allow me to accommodate more tank cars, plus boxcars for the shipping warehouse.

Almost forgot to add this update. I’ll lose one industry/company from the original layout, this being the PC freight house in Dickinson yard. This will become the shipping warehouse for the expanded Allied Chemical. This will make way for a parking/loading area for the Armitage Furniture Company, which I haven’t been able to do before.

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