Sometimes something must move…

That’s the case with the layout expansion. Several things will change on the original layout. Of course the siding down the left hand side will now become the extended main to the other modules. With that, the chain link fence, the two tanks, the loading rack, and the pump house will all move to the new location for Allied. The pump house however will move back over to Dickinson yard for the diesel fuel facility. The prefab Bachmann office building will move to the new Allied location as the security office.

As mentioned in the other recent post, the PC freight house will move to the new Allied location as the shipping warehouse for the plant. The freight house is by AMB, and is their “general service building”. This again will allow me to have a parking lot/loading area for trucks at Armitage Furniture.

Dickinson yard will now become just a small support yard, albeit with the diesel service facility. The new eight foot yard will become the “new” Dickinson yard. I’ll have a rip track here, and a caboose track, but the engine facility will supposedly be off the front edge of the layout.

I’ll have to take a bit of modelers’ license on these modules as well, as I’ll be adding a grain elevator, fertilizer plant, and a new expanded freight station which will also now house the secondary’s train dispatchers, as this building very much resembles the building that was used on the prototype in Charleston.

Last but not least, I’ve pretty much standardized my locomotive roster on PC locomotives, with the exception of an N&W unit, which is now for sale on the Weathering Depot page. I’ll have five PC locomotives to service all of the expanded layout, which I foresee will be enough.

Below are several photos of the “old” chemical plant taken off the layout at this point, and in another photo the new track butted up against the old siding, becoming the new main.


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