Expansion update part 2….

Here’s another update on my progress of expanding the Hitop Branch. Early today I was able to get a second coat of paint on the last pieces of fascia, these being on the back of the 8ft yard and back of the short right hand module. Below is an updated photo of the short module:

While these were drying, I cleaned up the old gravel area down the left edge of the original layout where the Allied Chemical siding sat, then added some green blend ground cover as a base. I’ll either add some static grass or coarse ground cover, then a row of new trees along this edge. Photo below:

When this was completed, I decided to cleanup the area where the freight station sat, to prep it for the new parking/ loading area for Armitage Furniture. I had cut some of the cork sheet out originally to drop the freight station in, so had to fill this gap with something. What better material than to fill it back in with new cork? Below is this area with weight added to help the cork along. When dry, it will be topped with new “gravel” for the loading area.

In the meantime, I was still busy laying out the track per the track plan. With both left hand modules clamped together, I was able to finish this as shown below:

Last but not least, I tested a short section of the foam roadbed I’m using, lined up of course on the track centerline as shown below:

That’s it for today. Tomorrow I’ll be drawing out the rest of the tracks centerline to prepare for the permanent track laying. I’m just awaiting some foam glue to start. Also tomorrow I’ll start on some Sculptamold to fill in some spots. Stay tuned!

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