Expansion update….

Here’s another update today. As our air quality has been poor the past several days, and temperatures now in the nineties and headed for low one hundreds, I can only work in the early mornings.

This morning I was able to get the right hand modules butted up against the main layout, level, and clamp/ bolt together. I then laid out the track on the first short module as shown below. The track closest to the edge will be a representation of Union Carbide’s Electro-Met division. The second track coming in will be an extended team track. Still awaiting the foam tack glue from Woodland Scenics.

First right hand module with main connected to yard lead, as well as industry sidings laid out.

Industry sidings coming off track 1

The new DB Tower, minus a train order signal on hand that needs to be installed

Finally, several switch stands are down, this one for the yard lead

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