Tools of the trade…

With the expansion of the layout, I had forgotten from building the original layout just how many tools and supplies it takes to build a layout. Pictured below are some of the tools, but just a small sampling of what I’m using currently.

From track alignment gauges, scissors, X-Acto knives, brushes, tape measure, pliers, track nails, extra ties, track, cork, ground cover, ballast, paper towels, white glue, wood glue, switch stands, rail joiners, tree material, different sizes of wire, terminal strips, wire clamps, paint, etc.,etc. Whew, what a list!

So this morning early I was able to fill in some spots in the yard with ballast, and another depression with some natural soil from Scenic Express. Was also able to get some switch stands down in the yard.

One last note: DB Tower is no more. The reasoning for this is it was now in the wrong direction from the new Dickinson yard to be believable. There will however be a yard office in Dickinson yard with a train order signal. I’m toying with the idea of outbound trains stopping here to receive their train orders. Finally, the area where DB Tower was will now be replaced soon with a clump of trees.

Again, stay tuned for more updates….



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