The larger Hitop, and the locomotive roster…

With the new expansion, it will indeed fill my garage. I’ve left two feet from the back wall of my garage to the original layout. In addition, there will be a walk space behind the right hand side modules to get to the back of the layout. The layout now will be in a U shape. The new dimensions are: 13 x 8 x 14. Not a 3,000 square foot layout, but it’s perfectly adequate for me.

With the expansion, I’ll have an additional 9 industries to work to add to 5 on the original layout. To work these new industries along with the rest of the layout, I’ll have an engine based at Allied Chemical, with the rest of the locomotives stationed in the new Dickinson yard. One will be permanently stationed in the yard anyway to work the industries around the area.

Since I’ve standardized my roster now, and have sold off all the oddball locomotives and the others too big to run, or just not needed, I’m down to five locomotives: an Alco switcher which will be based at Allied, a GP9B, a GP9, and two GP7’s. I also still have one locomotive not needed, an N&W GP30 I’d like to sell. Below is the current roster:


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