Back to work…

Back to work on the layout expansion after several days off. Today I was able to fill in all the gaps I had on the right hand side modules with a base of less expensive WS cinder ballast. In one photo below you’ll notice this plain cinder ballast plus a area where I mixed the top layer of yard mix ballast from Arizona Rock and Mineral with the cinder to experiment with the look. Not sure if I like mixing the two or not.

On the left hand side, while I await the foam glue which should arrive tomorrow, I wasn’t happy with the short run around track I posted a photo of earlier. After experimenting with a longer layout of this track, pictured below is what I came up with, which now gives me a more reasonable length for this track.

That’s it for this update. More after I get the roadbed down…


Filling in the gaps and experimenting with the ballast mix

Longer run around track on left side modules

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