Today on the Hitop….

Today while waiting for some other supplies to come in, I decided to work on the strip along the far left edge of the original layout. This is the strip as you may recall that had a gravel base for the Allied Chemical siding. Earlier, I had cleaned off the gravel and reapplied fine green turf ground cover in preparation for planting a row of new trees along this edge.I really don’t like the look of just plain old fine green ground cover, so I pulled out a package of Bachmann static grass that I had purchased awhile back and forgot I had actually, and went to work. This product is relatively new I think and comes in a fairly small package. However, when you open the container, the static grass is actually folded up inside. This particular package had 6mm length grass.I applied this grass not only down the left edge of the layout, but also filled in the dirt area over on the right hand corner where DB Tower once was. Being that this was the first time working with this product and static grass in particular, I must say I’m pretty pleased with the results. To finish these areas, I sprinkled and applied a small amount of lighter green coarse ground cover to give a variation. Photos below show the result of today’s work.

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