Expansion update….

Well, as of yesterday, the layout is completely wired up. Test trains were ran yesterday afternoon to make sure all is well. Did have a few stalls, but as we cleaned the track thoroughly, I’m pretty sure my locomotive wheels are the culprit, and need cleaning. I always clean the wheels on my locomotives regularly when I’m running and always before a train show. I also clean them after a show, but didn’t clean them after this last show in Wyoming.

I said we in the above paragraph as once again I had an enormously huge amount of help from one of our club members and friend Tom Carnahan. I couldn’t have done this project without him for sure. I also want to thank our local club president Brent Rush for his gracious gift, and for his helpful tips and suggestions. Brent also helped with some switch work on the original layout. Now it’s my turn again to tackle the rest of the layout project.

This next phase I enjoy the most, that is, putting together the buildings and doing the scenery. The original layout has received many, many compliments from followers, including some friends who grew up in the Kanawha valley that have told me I’ve captured the look of this area. The many compliments I am grateful for to be sure. The expansion will look even better I believe, what with the continuing advances in realistic looking scenery products.

This expansion will have better looking ground cover and the addition of Scenic Express super trees. I’ll also try a first time use of concrete powder from Arizona Rock and Mineral for several concrete parking lots. Again, I must thank our club member who has helped immeasurably with the gift of two of the kits, Walther’s ADM elevator and a kit of additional silos. Two of the other kits are on the way, Blair Lines fertilizer plant, and Walther’s grocery distributor. I think a good friend is donating a Walther’s refinery piping kit as well for Allied Chemical.

I have made one additional change recently in the industries planned. The second shorter siding off the yard on the right hand side will now be an additional track for Electro-Met instead of a team track. This I believe will add a bit more to Electro-Met, instead of just one track. Electro-Met was such a huge complex that I wish I had room to model in its entirety.

Starting Monday morning I’ll be cleaning track once again, plus cleaning locomotive wheels, then running more test trains. Then, with the arrival of more scenery supplies, I’ll tackle the ballast. I’ve already started this over in Dickinson yard. Speaking of the new Dickinson yard, this new yard will now hold just about forty freight cars, a huge expansion over the original yard, which will now become Spring Street yard in Charleston. A short caboose track will be included in Dickinson yard, but the fueling tracks will be off the edge of the layout.

That’s about it for now. I’ll post another update with photos soon….

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