Work continues…

A short report here on current, ongoing progress on the layout expansion. The long awaited shipment of yard mix ballast has arrived, so some work putting this down was accomplished as shown in the photos below:

While waiting for this ballast, I started to work on the area this side of the yard ladder. I wanted a weedy, overgrown sort of area here, so I’ve used several different ground covers plus Bachmann static grass sheet, which I really am impressed with. It’s still a work in progress, but here are a few photos so far:


I’ve also added more details to the yard office area after expanding the area a bit. You’ll notice a PC boom truck by Athearn which I weathered, then added several black barrels plus some rusted rail to the back deck, plus today added two welding tanks I had left over in the parts box. I also added another stack of new ties, a dumpster to the back of the yard office, several barrels, and I’ll add several more lengths of rusted rail in the next day or two. Along with these, I rusted up some joint bars which will be added to the scene as well. This evening I added a “dead end” road sign where the gravel parking area ends, and where the edge of the freight terminal will eventually sit. Photos below. Stay tuned for more updates…


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