More work, and details, details….

Quite a bit accomplished today on the layout. First, I was able to get the last two switch stands down, then ballast around them. Afterward, came finishing the ballast glueing on the left side.

Next, I was able to place the remaining track bumpers on this side as well, along with two “concrete ” curbs at the end of Holsum Baking to keep trucks from backing out of Davis Wholesale and hitting the track bumpers. I’ll do a little more work on the track bumpers tomorrow to make sure they’re secure.

Speaking of the track bumpers, being plastic they’re not the most secure things to keep cars and locomotives on the layout if someone should run through one. I think I’ve made mine a bit more secure as I’ve secured (or will by the end of tomorrow), with a track nail in the base, drilled down through the last tie. I also decided to come up with a little idea, as I had some of the base rails sticking up in the air above the rails. The solution was to install two spikes, one on each base rail, then color these with one of the rust colored markers. The photos below show this solution. Unless you were told about these, I’m not sure anyone would notice these, or if so, might think it’s part of the track, or bumper itself. It works, and that’s the important thing.

I was also able to put down some Scenic Express earth between the two tracks into Holsum Baking, plus put some down between the rails at the end of the scrapyard, as this area will be buried in dirt. After all this was finished, I brought down one of the two recently completed syrup tank cars, and rolled it down into the siding, along with several gons filled with scrap parked in the scrapyard to judge how many I could fit in there. Photos below of this:

In the photo above you’ll notice a cork pad behind the two tracks. This area was a bit uneven still from some Sculptamold work, so I’ve sort of installed a base to fit Walther’s Magic Pan Baking kit. Better photo here:

I’ll add some ground cover and or static grass between the two tracks soon. Finally, other photos below show the rest of the track bumpers in place but not secured, plus some extra details I added around the Dickinson yard office:

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