Update today….

Today saw some further work done in the garage and on the layout expansion. First, I had storage boxes spread under both sides of the layout expansion, so today I consolidated all of that under the main portion of the layout. This of course has freed up under both sides, except for a wire storage unit that I’m using for all tools and supplies needed for the layout. Photos below of this work:

Eventually I hope to have a curtain across the front of the layout to hide the storage, plus a carpet remnant out in front between both sides of the expansion.

Next up, I was sorting out my car cards/waybills that I use for the cars currently on the layout, and set these up. I still have about fourteen more waybills to do. Photos below of these. I use as previously posted elsewhere here on the website actual copies of Penn Central car movement cards:

Next up, I had two small outhouses that go along with the company houses picked up several years ago, so I’ll add these when this area is finished landscape-wise. I actually started on this end to landscape around these company houses. There will be as you can see grass around and between both houses, with picket fences installed, along with trees and perhaps bushes alongside the track. This of course is still being worked, but here are photos of today’s progress:

Finally, I’ve put down a base cover of dirt from Scenic Express along the front side of the yard, extending towards what will be Electro-Met. This area will be covered by brush made from leftover super tree material. Photo here:

More to come, so stay tuned….!

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