A Slight Name Change…

As you may have noticed, I’ve made a slight name change to the website today. This was done to reflect the transition from one-third New York Central motive power to almost all Penn Central power. Gone are the NYC locomotives and the N&W locomotives. Everything remaining are PC engines, except for the Alco S2 which will remain in PRR livery, as well as a NYC transfer caboose, as this is still basically the transition period after the merger. My modeling time frame is condensed now to 1968-1970.

I have compromised just a bit though as you may have been able to tell however with some of the rolling stock, especially my tank car fleet. I have found it’s difficult to find tank cars from this era quite frankly. Most are more modern to current day cars, or cars from the twenties and thirties era. So, I’ve gone with some newer, modern cars. I do run two 30,000 gal. + Trinity tank cars that have safety or visibility stripes on them. These cars I several times offered for sale without any takers, so I’ll run them.

Some of my boxcar fleet also have modern graffiti on them and safety stripes. These don’t fit the era, however, I run these and the tank cars at train shows where folks like to see the modern era cars and graffiti. I’m always amazed at how many of the younger kids like seeing cars with graffiti on them, and some recognize the “artist”. I say artist loosely.

So there you have it. Stay tuned for more updates, especially on the continuing progress on my expansion of the layout. More scenery work plus building construction, plus all the new trees are coming, perhaps into the spring, but stay tuned nonetheless….

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