On the Hitop this week….

In this installment I’ll describe a recent session involving the Spring Street yard turn and the Nitro job. This session started with the Spring Street turn coupling on to its train of cars headed eventually for Nitro, with several cars in its consist headed for elsewhere in the valley.

In the above photos, the Southern boxcar is headed for Davis Wholesale for loading of scrap cardboard and wood pallets, while the fertilizer hopper is headed for Snow Hill fertilizer for unloading. The other hoppers are destined for Holsum Baking.

Upon arrival at Spring Street, GP9 7466 heads for the service track while awaiting the Nitro job with its train of loads headed to Dickinson for classifying. The Nitro job arrives with a gondola of scrap from Paxton Salvage plus loaded chemical tanks from Allied Chemical:

In the bottom photo above the Nitro job is switching its inbound cars, while the chemical tanks it brought up from Nitro sit on the adjacent track. The gondola full of scrap metal is on another track.

The locomotive and caboose of the Spring Street turn then depart for Dickinson yard, bringing the loaded chemical tanks. In the meantime, the Nitro turn with Alco S2 9106 departs with its train headed back to Nitro:

The Nitro job then proceeds to spot its cars at the proper industries:

Done for this run, the crew ties up over by the yard office and awaits its next assignment, which won’t be long in coming, as this turn services the huge Allied Chemical complex here, among the other industries.

As a side note, I posted previously about my coal loads, and the reasons for not removing the loads in between runs. The same holds true for my scrap loads. These loads are very realistic loads from Motrak, but are also very fragile, as I’ve had two loads already break into two pieces. Once put back together, I then decided these were too fragile to switch out off and on, so in they stay!

Finally, some of these empty, barren spots will soon be filled in, so stay tuned for updates….

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