Expansion update 11/19….

With several warm days on the horizon I was able to get some work done on the layout today. Hopefully the next two days will see some operating time. Saturday saw the arrival of another order from the shop I deal with, Spring Creek Model Trains. Included in this order were two building kits needed, plus an extra bonus of a small yard office in one of the kits. Photos below of this order:

In this order were quite a few small detail parts that were installed today, plus quite a bit of static grass was put down. First job was to install the remaining throttle pockets as shown below:

This now makes five throttle plug-ins plus five throttle holders installed. 

The next order of business was to come up with more uncoupling tools. I only had two yellow plastic ones by Kadee, so I had to come up with three more. I decided to cut down some wood skewers that we had for cooking. After these were cut down, the ends were sanded smooth. Photo below:

In the above photo you’ll also notice more static grass was applied along the table edges to hide the seam between the foam and fascia.

Next order of business was to install more static grass on some barren areas as shown below. The static grass is the same pull apart sheets made by Bachmann:

One more view of the static grass that’s finished in the right front part of the expansion. This looks across to the mainline on the original part of the layout:

Electro-Met will sit just out of view to the left in the open area.

Next up was to install some detail parts starting with a finely detailed part by Walther’s of scrap metal bales which was installed as shown with some metal shavings by Motrak scattered around the edges:

Next, I installed some fruit and produce crates by JL Innovative at Davis Wholesale on both loading docks as shown:

Finally, I installed some yellow safety posts made by Faller for Walther’s around one of the fire hydrants and in front of the propane tank at Armitage Furniture. The posts were weathered first with dark grey pan pastels:

Weather permitting, and it looks like a warmer day tomorrow, I’ll put down some more ground cover and run some trains. Stay tuned…..

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