Recent work….

Here’s a short update on recent work on the layout expansion. Thanks to a good friend from our local club, the circuit protection for the layout from NCE was installed. The circuit protection is their CP6 unit, which basically protects the PowerCab system from being fried from shorts on the layout.

The layout with expansion was all one district or block. Now with the CP6 installed the layout has been broken into three blocks, left side is one block, original layout is the second, while the right side is the third block. Photo of the CP6 below:

In the photo above you’ll notice two cross braces on the legs. This is where shortly NCE’s smart booster will sit on a shelf that will straddle those cross braces. With the smart booster installed, I’ll be able to run with five throttles as I had planned. The smart booster becomes the brains or command center of the layout then, turning the PowerCab throttle into a regular throttle after switching it out with the coiled cable it comes with. With the installation of the smart booster, all the electronics will be finished on the layout with the exception of this final item.

The final item or items to be installed are two tortoise switch machines which are also on the way for two switches that are hard to reach. The installation of these will finish the electrical work.

Also currently on the way is enough static grass to finish the remaining scenery, plus Walther’s Water Street freight terminal to finish up the Dickinson yard area, plus one more locomotive, which will give me five to match the number of throttle s/operators.

More updates to come….


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