Freight house on the layout….

Yesterday I was able to place the completed freight house at Dickinson yard  on the layout, and apply some ground cover (gravel and ballast) around it. I wasn’t able to glue this down however, as we’re in the middle of winter here, and it was just too cold to do so. I used a concrete loading dock from a Walther’s background building for the main rail dock. The one side of the freight house with the freight door I may add a wood loading dock to eventually. There is a loading dock in the kit that goes here, but it’s plastic simulating wood, and not thrilled about the look of this, so would rather use wood.

I also did not use the two story brick building that attaches to one end of the freight house, as it isn’t necessary for the spot, and I was going to use it as an administration building at Allied Chemical. However, Walther’s designed this kit with a cutout section of wall that is supposed to fit up against this part of the freight house, so it’s unusable as a stand alone building. Plus, I may place a small industry in between this freight house and the fertilizer plant for an extra spot to switch, and have a building in mind already pre-assembled. More on this later, for now, here are photos of the freight house on the layout:


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