Teamwork gets the job done….

Teamwork on your model railroad works the same as on the prototype, namely getting that train from point A to point B. Especially important during those operating sessions. Probably why on almost every large layout I’ve ran a train on, there’s always an engineer and conductor working together, again, as on the prototype.

A great example is on my own layout in Dickinson yard. As important as it was (and still is there on the prototype), teamwork is important in this yard, making up, and breaking down trains. When operating this yard on my layout, there will be two operators working the yard, both helping each other for that end result: to move freight.

I’ll illustrate an example from yesterday’s session. An empty PC 50 ft. boxcar was at the team track ready to be picked up. The switch leading in is a facing point switch off the ladder. Leased PNC #3403 was down by the caboose track off the lead, so could easily pull in and get the empty as shown below:

After pulling the empty off the spur, 3403 cuts off and clears up down the track, while GP7 5628 up on track 4 moves out and down the ladder to pick up the empty:

After coupling up to the empty, 5628 spots the PC boxcar on track 1 with other cars being made up for an outbound going to Columbus:


After this photo was taken, 3403 then resumed its switching chores while 5628 continued making up its train on track four. Later in the day, GP7 5628 returned to Dickinson yard with the Morris Fork turn, plus several cars added at Spring Street yard.

When the turn approached Dickinson yard, it had to pause while one of the yard switchers for today, the PNC 3403 had to clear up before the Morris Fork turn could come on into the yard as shown below:


After the turn pulled down the ladder in the clear of 3403, GP7 5628 cut off and got in the clear. Then 3403 came out of track 4, pulled down the ladder, coupled up to the caboose on the inbound turn, and proceeded to spot its cars on the appropriate yard tracks:


Thus ended working this job where teamwork got the job done….


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