When research pays off…..

On my Hitop branch, most industries only receive goods by rail, with only several industries shipping out products the same way. For example, Allied Chemical ships loaded tanks full of different products. Armitage Furniture also ships finished furniture. Paxton Salvage ships out scrap metal. Both mines of course ship coal out. Those are really the only industries that will ship products out.

There are several industries however that will ship one by-product out, and those are Holsum Baking, Armitage Furniture, and Davis Wholesale. That by-product is scrap baled cardboard. So these industries of course will receive empty boxcars to ship this out. In considering Holsum Baking, I also had to consider what would they receive in boxcars? Several products come to mind, and have been factored into my waybills.

One such item is bakery trays. So who makes bakery trays, or more importantly, who made bakery trays back in my time period? Again, this is where research pays off. I found a company that’s been in business long enough, is in a neighboring state, and could ship via Penn Central. So here is the car sitting in Dickinson yard with its waybill ready to go to west Charleston and Holsum Baking:

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