This week on the Hitop part 1…..

Today found us out and about the length of the Secondary and not the actual Hitop Secondary for once. We started actually in Spring Street yard in Charleston. We found leased PNC 3403 hard at work at first switching out an empty SP boxcar and replacing it with an empty PC boxcar to be filled with finished furniture for shipment north.

The empty SP boxcar is added to the cut of cars that the Spring Street turn out of Dickinson will pick up in a few hours. Next, 3403 couples up to an empty PC boxcar and a loaded refrigerator car that are both headed to Davis Wholesale, and heads out of Spring Street up the valley a bit to West Charleston:

Reaching Davis Wholesale, 3403 has to pull an empty reefer out before spotting the two cars. We catch it here performing these moves, then snap a photo of the turn headed back to Spring Street:

We followed the turn back to Spring Street where we catch him arriving, then spotting the empty reefer with the second cut of cars for the Spring Street turn that we understand is in Dickinson yard making up his train at the moment. The photo on the bottom right is 3403 being serviced while awaiting the Spring Street turn:


We raced back down the highway to Dickinson yard where we snapped these photos:

In his consist were only cars destined for Nitro. So, again we followed this turn back up the highway. We’ll continue the rest of the chase tomorrow!

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