This week on the Hitop part 2….

So again we raced back up the highway pacing the Spring Street turn, following him to Spring Street yard, and caught him pulling in below:


As the Spring Street job had already lined up the outbound cars for the Spring Street turn, engine 3403 gets in the clear while 5628 pulls the train onto the yard lead. Basically what the Spring Street turn will do is drop its cars for Nitro and pick up its outbound cars then head back for Dickinson yard. We caught the turn pulling out its two cuts of outbound cars, then departing for Dickinson:

After departing, 3403 with the Spring Street job gets to work sorting out the inbound cars for the Nitro job coming up the Secondary:

We stayed around Spring Street yard waiting for the Nitro job to arrive. After arriving, we snapped photos of the Nitro job putting its train together and departing. We then followed the Nitro job back down to Nitro and caught him switching out Allied Chemical:

So after we spent a long tiring, but fruitful day of railfanning, we decided to head back to Charleston for a nice dinner before heading home. Stay tuned for more updates, especially after the rest of the layout gets completely finished and the rest of the scenery is done!

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