Another layout update…

Yesterday we had a warm, sunny day here, so I was able to get some more work done on the expansion. First, I installed the rest of the chain link/barbed wire fencing by Alkem as shown below:

Next, I finished the other part of the Water Street freight terminal to be used as the administration building for Allied Chemical, and placed it on the layout:

Finally, I placed a line of telephone poles along the right hand side of the expansion:

This pole line now extends down to the Blair line fertilizer plant. Next up, I’ll be starting on the last loading rack kit by Walther’s for Allied Chemical, as we’re in for a major winter storm with blizzard conditions the next two days. I’ll post photos when I’m finished with that project.

After the loading rack is completed, I’ll have just three kits to do: Walther’s machine shop, their truck served fuel distributor kit which I’m using the four small tanks with a berm, and the small corrugated office building which I’ll use as a pump house, all for Allied Chemical. With the addition of their piping kit on the way, I’ll be finished with the left hand side. Once the machine shop is completed, I’ll be finished with the right hand side. Stay tuned….!


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