The danger of social media….

Today I’ll discuss an issue I’ve experienced recently, and the dangers of posting on social media, including websites. The issue is criticism. Recently I’ve stopped posting on several model railroad pages on a well known social media forum, and have also stopped posting on one particular model railroad website. The reason?

The reason is criticism or snide comments. I’m going to be frank here. There’s an old saying about comparing an anatomical part of the body with opinions, and it holds true. I just don’t understand snide comments and criticism from people that do not know me, have never met me, have never seen my layout, and who surely haven’t helped build my layout.

I have to back up and first state that I have had very FEW critical comments or rude comments, but even several people whom I’ve known for years have been guilty of these comments. Perhaps some people are naturally critical of others. Perhaps some people are simply jealous of others work, or perhaps jealous of someone being published. Perhaps some are just simply snobbish.

Whatever the reason, one shouldn’t have to be a “master modeler”. One shouldn’t have to build a triple deck 40 x 60 foot layout to be acknowledged. I think I’ve covered this area before, so I won’t elaborate further. I’ll just state again that one can have as much fun and enjoyment planning, building, and operating a 4 x 8, a 2 x 10 shelf layout, or similar layout as they can a 40 x 60 foot layout.

In summing up this post, the important thing I have to state is this: I am proud of my work, whether in weathering locomotives or rolling stock. I’m proud of my scenery work, and an eye for details. I’m proud of my track planning ability, and of my track work. I’m extremely happy with the results of my handiwork on my entire layout, and proud of my layout, the way it runs and the way it looks. Is it an exact replica of a prototype area? No, it is not, but I’m pleased, and when it comes down to it, that’s all that matters…..


  1. Steve,

    I was going to write you yesterday to compliment you on the Allied Chemical Plant and ask where you sourced the piping, particularly the valves (perhaps part of the Walther’s kit?).

    I have enjoyed your layout postings and as a fellow NYC B&A modeler, albeit an earlier time frame, I appreciate to effort that goes into any model. I wouldn’t give a second thought to any negative comments, as long as your enjoying what your doing, what else really matters. Keep up the good work!



  2. BRAVO! Well said, Steve. The size of the layout has no bearing on your enjoyment of the hobby. If you’re happy with your efforts, and you share your artwork, which is what all of this is, it’s our individual artwork, that’s fantastic. The folks with opinions, if they’re not positive, and the ones with comments and criticism if it isn’t shared constructively and kindly, should just keep it to themselves.


  3. I agree, some people can’t just enjoy your work and think all layouts should be Model Railroader worthy. I will have to stop calling my layout a “prototype” layout because people look it up on Google maps and find everything not prototypical.


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