Recent layout progress….

I’ve been able to accomplish several tasks on the layout expansion in between bouts of winter weather out here recently. One small project was to weather the administration building and the white tanks in Allied Chemical, as the wife told me they  looked too clean, and you know, she was right!

These were both weathered with a steel grey pan pastel powder. Next up was to place the base of the last building to go on the layout. This is Walther’s machine shop kit which will serve as an industry known as Electro-Met division of Union Carbide, which was located in Alloy. The track nails were installed in the base to not only hold down the building, but also to try to level the base, as it’s warped. Photo below:


The structure behind is the pre-built electric substation by Bachmann. In the meantime while winter set back in, I started work on all the walls for Electro-Met, and finished yesterday. The walls are complete except for weathering and sealing:


The last project I was able to complete was to install two tortoise machines on two hard to reach switches with the great help of a friend. Actually, he did almost all the work for which I’m grateful, as I’m electrically challenged! I still have to label these, so I’ll post photos later with photos of the completed expansion work, especially once I get the machine shop fully constructed.

With this the layout is almost complete, except for tons of Scenic Express trees I need to put down when the weather cooperates. Stay tuned….


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