1. Nicely done Steve! My shelf layout is not quite this far along with scenery, etc. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Thank you Stan for the kind words, they’re much appreciated! I think I posted quite awhile ago when I hit a certain milestone visitor wise that one of my main reasons for this website and posting in group pages and one forum I’m no longer in was to show what can be done with a small layout, or shelf layouts, and that hopefully I would perhaps inspire a modeler to build this type of layout, or finish one. I know from posts such as yours and private emails that I have succeeded


  2. Congratulations on completing structure work! That’s a fantastic milestone and one to celebrate. Yes, there are always trees or details, cars or locomotives, automobiles, etc… to add, but getting all the structures done is amazing. That, and they all look like they fit in the spots where they are. Nothing is oddly colored or out of place. That takes an artists eye. Bravo! Keep on doing great modeling!


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