Finishing up….

Today on the Hitop I was finishing up my job from yesterday’s operating session. As I was working Dickinson yard and working the Spring Street turn, I had some unfinished work.

This work involved running another turn over to Spring Street with cars for the valley plus the Spring Street job to switch. There were already a few cars left as well for the next Nitro job crew, as the crew yesterday ran out of service hours.

The Dickinson switch job started putting the Spring Street turn together while the road power for the turn, old standby GP7 5628 stayed in the clear as shown below:

The Spring Street turn today had two empty boxcars for Armitage Furniture, one hopper of fertilizer for Snow Hill, and one load for Kanawha Feed & Seed, and was ready to depart Dickinson yard below:


The turn then departed westbound for Spring Street. In the meantime, the Dickinson switcher went about its business spotting the necessary cars on the industrial lead, in this case a load for Fowler Plumbing, and a load of lumber at the freight house:

After the Spring Street turn dropped it cars at Spring Street, the Spring Street job went about its business spotting the necessary cars leaving the yard pretty full for the next Nitro turn, and with cars for the valley:


We caught the Spring Street turn coming back into Dickinson yard caboose light:


That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more…..!

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