A mess or?

Maybe not. What I’m talking about in this post is a recent individual session on the layout. I started in Dickinson yard with making up the Spring Street turn, with cars for the Spring Street switcher plus cars for Nitro.

This operation took awhile for the Dickinson switch job to put together, as cars were everywhere in the yard, with the yard being quite full. Once the turn was put together and the road power tied on, off it went westbound towards Spring Street. Of course the turn took a bit of time to get up to and into Spring Street, as the switch job there was already at work.

The turn from Dickinson had quite a few cars this day, so after the road power cut off and cleared up in the service track, the switch job went to work, breaking the turn into two sections to sort it into the yard per destination. This of course took some time as well, as cars were already here for the turn to take back to Dickinson, plus several cars for locations in the valley.

Most occasions the turn would meet the Nitro turn at Spring Street, or the Nitro turn would arrive shortly after the turn arrived from Dickinson. Today was different however, and thankfully so, as the Nitro job was delayed picking up more outbound loads and dealing with a bad order car. Normally the turn from Dickinson waits for the Nitro job to take its outbound loads back to Dickinson, however, because of the delay, the turn departed eastbound for Dickinson with just a handful of cars, which actually helped the Spring Street switch immensely.

Even though Spring Street yard was now full, what looked like a mess actually was not, with cars now sorted for the valley turn, plus for the Nitro job. Soon Spring Street would be almost empty again, with that freight moving to all points of the huge Penn Central system.

Spring Street yard after sorting and before the Nitro turn arrived:


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