Is it ever finished….?

That’s the question today, is a layout ever really finished? I made the error at a recent gathering of modelers where several asked how my Hitop branch was coming along, and I answered that it was almost finished. You can guess the response I received. If you guessed ” a layout is never finished”, you’re correct!

I myself have made many changes to the layout since I started building it in 2012, revamping some areas, replacing trees, adding different ground cover, etc., etc. not to mention adding onto the layout off both front corners. I’ve added more detail parts as well along the way.

There’s still more to come as far as additions. For example, in Paxton Salvage shown below I’d like to add several more scrap piles, if Walther’s ever gets several back in stock, plus “dirty” up the ground a bit, and perhaps add some weeds along the barbed wire chain link fence:

The next area I’m still adding to is this section, as far as adding a line of Scenic Express trees all along the back wall, which I’ve recently started:

As well as adding all the trees, I’d like to add a backdrop of Masonite eventually painted with just blue sky and clouds if I could corral someone into doing the job. I’d simply attach the Masonite to the layout with clamps. Both extensions I’d like to add this painted backdrop to:

I guess the more I’ve looked at the layout, the more little details I see that I could add. Another example is down the left side extension. I have Walther’s electric power poles in place halfway down this side, but ran out of poles, so this is another addition I’d like to finish.

Of course, some final details would be the addition of more vehicles and people, especially one more semi truck and trailer, and one or two more food related box trucks for Davis Wholesale.

So, in closing, I’ve learned to never, ever again say the layout is finished….:)

Here are photos of the current state of the layout as of today:

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