On the Hitop this week

As promised, this post will be from the prospective of working on the Secondary and Hitop branch. This morning I got the call from the local crew caller based up in Charleston to work the Valley turn out of Spring Street yard. Up early enough for my other half to fix me a breakfast sandwich I could eat up the line.

Meeting our engineer Charlie today and the rest of the crew, we signed in at the yard office in Dickinson and I got our orders and clearance card, then headed back to our caboose for the run, an N8 cabin still in PRR livery, this old gal a former pool caboose. Our power for today was old standby GP7 5628. Today we were going up to Spring Street caboose light. Photo below I took headed over to our engine and caboose:

As we were waiting for our head end brakeman who was delayed a bit with a flat tire, I walked around and snapped this photo:


Heading west up to Spring Street was pretty uneventful this morning. Today was the usual hazy, smog filled day from the plants up and down the valley. I guess growing up here you get used to it, but my transferring in from Ohio I’m still not used to it. People are already up and about early this morning, as this is blue collar working mans country.

Today’s work orders call for us to pick up several cars for Kanawha Feed and Seed plus Snow Hill fertilizer and deliver them, pick up an empty at Snow Hill, then pick up several loads at Armitage Furniture and one empty hopper in Spring Street going back to Dickinson. Photos below of our arrival at Spring Street and pulling out our two loads for the valley:

Our loads were one fertilizer hopper and one boxcar with tools and farm implements. Nothing else going up on this turn, so we headed up the valley:

As we of course had to uncouple the caboose when we arrived at Kanawha Feed and Seed, I stepped off and snapped these photos of our crew switching:

Our switching completed, we headed back towards Spring Street to pick up our other cars going back to Dickinson, and proceeded to work them as shown below:

We then departed eastbound headed back to Dickinson yard with two empty hoppers, and two loads of furniture from Armitage. It was again uneventful as we headed back, except for awaiting clearance into the yard, as yard crews were busy making up other turns. While waiting, I snapped a few more photos:

Arriving back, we yarded our train, cut off our power and took it to the service track, and signed off. Another day on the railroad. Join me for the next call on the Hitop…..

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