Train time on the Hitop…..

Today I was called for the Nitro job early. After signing in at the Nitro yard office, we proceeded to our regular power, old ex-Pennsylvania Alco S2 9106. Unfortunately we were delayed with mechanical problems with the old girl, that took hours to wait for mechanical guys to come down and get her up and running.

We finally got up and running and proceeded to switch out the necessary industries. Today these included Paxton Salvage and Holsum Baking. We didn’t need to pickup any cars out of Allied, but were going to pick up some empties already up in Spring Street.

We pulled a loaded gondola out of Paxton, then proceeded down to Holsum, where we pulled two empty syrup tanks and two empty hoppers. After putting the train together we headed for Spring Street. We made it to Spring Street, but after the delays, including setbacks we had to do, we ran out of our hours of service. Taxiing back to Nitro after our relief crew got there, we’ll hit it again tomorrow, this time hopefully a smoother sailing!

Here are a few photos I took while we were delayed:

More soon….

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