On the Workbench….

With it being the dog days of summer and so hot outside, I decided it was time to work on a project for the layout. I picked up this car several years back at a train show. There isn’t a manufacturer name stamped on the car, so I couldn’t tell who manufactured it.

I purchased the car as it was unusual and I hoped one day I would be able to extend the layout to include a representation of Electro-Met, which received cars of woodchips. I also purchased the car because of the return to stencil on the sides which stated Elmore, West Virginia, which is where the old NYC would run freights into to interchange with the Virginian. Photo below of this:

The car itself wasn’t weathered, and had the huge steel weight prominently showing on the underside of the car. Thus began the process of weathering and cleaning this up. I sprayed the steel weight with grimy black, and extended the spray around the couplers. I then sprayed some grimy black inside the hopper bay.

When all this had dried overnight, I went over the hopper bay with various rust and brown Pan Pastels, then sealed everything. I finished the car off with ACI plates from BLMA .The results are pictured below. Now all I need is a load that will fit, as the one in the background does not unfortunately.


  1. First, I love your posts and keep them in my file for my railroad.

    I believe the car is a Model Die Casting model of the Ortner coal car used in unit train service. It was offered in Southern but in SOU’s case it wasn’t a perfect model, as Southern’s prototypes did not have the middle bays. Can’t say if N&W used them in chip service, but I have a few and will use them in Coke service (large capacity for lightweight commodity) once I get running.

    Wayne Jenkins Hermitage, TN



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