During the dog days….

During the dog days of summer, when our air quality here is terrible with alerts, and it’s in the nineties, there’s not much going on with the layout in a detached garage. So, I come up with other projects inside to work on, such as the two freight cars I just finished and posted.

In doing some research the past several days, plus operating in the past on layouts that used this, I came across the website for JMRI. The initials as you modelers know stands for Java Model Railroad Interface. Always searching for a more prototypical feel when operating, I downloaded the most recent version along with the latest Java version to use a particular feature of this great program.

The feature I was most interested in is the OperationsPro, which allows modelers to develop, use, and print train manifests and switch lists. So far, I have everything set up in the database for the layout except for the car roster, which I just started on today.

I’ll have a long way to go, as I currently have 65 cars on the layout at the moment, with more of course in storage boxes (three in fact). Each car must be entered into the database separately, so this will probably take as long as the last software program I used.

When I’m finished and ready to test the program, I’ll post an update. Stay tuned!

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