Unfortunately I must write this short post today on an issue that has cropped up several times. The issue concerns copyright and copying or downloading said material.

It is clearly stated at the bottom of this website concerning my copyright on all material including files and photos on my site, that are prohibited to use or copy without my express permission. Copyrights are set up and enacted and I might add paid for a reason.

I must finally ask and request that my copyrighted material is respected. Anyone who would wish to use material only has to communicate with me, this is why I have an email set up.

I respect and appreciate those that follow my site, and I simply ask the same respect. I would truly dislike contacting my attorney on this issue, but will do so if necessary. Thanks to all….


  1. I have removed all the other comments including my own after reading all of them, as I wanted to get my point across without singling out any particular person or site. Thanks to all for the responses and heads up!


  2. Steve Thank you and I understand and support your decision. I do have a question, is it allowed to forward your email update to someone? My cousin does not follow a lot of sites but is interested in model railroads so I sometimes forward things to him. Thanks Bill Michael Bill.michael78@gmail.com

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