Hitop happenings…

This week has found me doing some odds and ends on the layout despite some medical issues. I had recently as posted earlier finished weathering the rest of the concrete K-rail barriers but hadn’t placed them on the layout until now. One photo below down the drive behind Holsum Baking:

Next, a new addition to the layout from Atlas and the folks at Spring Creek, this Ford PC pickup, which was weathered with Vallejo dirt color paint, which now sits at the Nitro yard office:

Next up, I was able to adjust the acceleration and deceleration values for my Intermountain GP10:

Finally, I was able to test with the ProtoThrottle the most recent project, my Bachmann GP7 which just had the correct number boards installed with decals as shown below:

Below are photos of the settings on the throttle, starting with the headlight settings. Also shown are the throttle settings starting out before the locomotive was ran:

Finally, a short video of running 5675 back and forth with the throttle. I didn’t run the locomotive over all the layout, as I really need to clean the rest of the track again first!

I must apologize for the shaky at times video, as I’m trying to hold my iPhone and work the throttle at the same time!

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  1. To clarify a question I was asked concerning the headlight knobs on the ProtoThrottle being on bright. This Bachmann unit has headlights that are always on both ends of the locomotive, so the knobs were just left on bright, as I did not change or override any CV values corresponding to the headlights direction….


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