Following the Nitro turn…..

Today, we’re out following the Nitro turn, switching out Holsum Baking, and Davis Wholesale, heading up to Spring Street, then returning with cars for Allied Chemical and Holsum. First, we caught the turn pulling out empties from Holsum. Today the turn is taking transfer caboose 18124 up to Spring Street to swap it out for a standard cabin:

Meanwhile, one PC employee parked at the Nitro yard office is about to lose the back bumper on his Chevy pickup:

Here’s the turn arriving at Spring Street:

After shoving up the Hitop branch proper with its outbound train to clear the Spring Street job going about sorting cars, we catch the Nitro turn departing, then in the valley headed back to Nitro:

Arriving back at Nitro, we caught 9106 spotting its loads at Holsum. Today, we couldn’t get close enough at Allied for photos.

As shown above, the turn swapped out their transfer caboose for cabin 18402, now spotted at the Nitro yard office. Finally, we close by catching 9106 back up at Spring Street after running engine light there for servicing:

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